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Dual Enrollment at Lanier Technical College is your jump-start on your college career. The Dual Enrollment program saves time and money. With Dual Enrollment you enroll in a college class and get credit at both your high school and the college. Plus, you have the option of taking classes at any of our five campuses or online.

"Taking my freshman Math, English, Psychology classes at Lanier Technical College through the Dual Enrollment program has given me a great start towards earning my college degree while in high school. The classes are transferable to Georgia Southern where I plan to pursue a sports therapy degree. The courses were challenging but my instructors helped me to be successful.”
G. H., Dual Enrollment student

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Lanier Tech's online courses allow you to easily communicate with your instructors, access lessons, and complete assignments, and do it all on your own timetable.

Lanier Technical College's Dual Enrollment is a cost-effective choice, and a great way to save money. The more credits earned while in HS the more time and money you save. You can earn enough credits to skip up to two years of college. It can save your parents thousands of dollars on the tradition cost of college by saving on tuition, dorm cost and meal plans.

Samantha, Dual Enrollment student
"My tuition was paid in full. The colleges and universities I applied to accepted all of the Dual Enrollment courses. I'm already way ahead in finishing all of my courses for my college major."

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LTC has articulation agreements across the state that guarantees the transfer of credits. Many of the classes are the general education classes needed at most 4-year state colleges and universities.

There's no better way to gain college credit while you're still in high school. Check out Lanier Technical College's Dual Enrollment program today.