student working with precision machine tool equipment

Precision Machining and Manufacturing is in every aspect of life.  From the clothes we wear, the phones we use, and the food we eat, machining and manufacturing plays a huge role.  We train students to be able to use machine tool equipment to make parts that can change the world we live in.  Anything from a fixture block that holds an electrical wire in a car to the latest piece in medical technology that could help save lives.  In simple, machinists make the world go around!

Why Lanier Tech?

  • High demand for Machinists in today’s economy
  • High wages
  • Satisfaction of making physical objects that serve a purpose
  • Can work anywhere in the world


Program Overview

The program starts out by teaching the basics of metal working using hand tools and reading blueprints.  Then we teach students to use manually controlled machines to create what is on the blueprint.  And finally computer controlled machines are used to program and machine more complex parts that could be made in mass quantity.

This program available at:

  • Hall Campus