Welcome to Lanier Technical College's Online Programs

Technology now makes it possible to overcome some of the barriers to obtaining an education. Taking classes via the Internet offers you, the student, a powerful tool to triumph over some of those factors, such as time and geography which would prevent you from attending classes offered in a traditional format.

Imagine being able to take the classes you want "anytime and anywhere." That is the promise of online learning. If you have a busy schedule, full of work and family responsibilities, and, if you do not live close enough to regularly attend class on one of our campuses, then our online learning program may be for you.

One note of caution must be given. The most successful online students are those that are able to complete assignments on schedule with little or no direct supervision. In other words, self-discipline is required. Online classes are not "independent study" classes. They require active participation in the class, submitting assignments on time, and taking exams in accordance with a pre-determined calendar.

In addition to being comfortable operating within a technology-based educational environment, possessing basic computer literacy, and being able to perform fundamental computer functions in an efficient manner, online students will be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Accessing and using the Internet
  • Using an account name and password to logon to the course site
  • Sending and responding to e-mail
  • Sending and receiving files electronically
  • Participating in online discussion boards and chat rooms
  • Searching web sites as well as accessing required Internet-based learning resources
  • Applying basic troubleshooting techniques to “fix” hardware and/or software problems as required

Naturally, the online student must have access to an appropriately configured computer with Internet access and the proper software to ensure successful course completion.

We invite you to experience the convenience and excitement that comes from taking classes online at Lanier Technical College.

Programs Currently Offered Completely Online

Some can be completed in just 1 semester!