Mechatronics Technology

The Mechatronics Technology program provides graduates skills in electrical, mechanical, control systems, programming and networking focused on automation and advanced manufacturing. Mechatronics Technology program graduates will be able to use this interdisciplinary degree to enter the technical workforce in multiple areas focused on maintenance of or implementation of electro-mechanical or industrial computer (PLCs) control systems. The Mechatronics program graduates will know how to do multiple tasks in automated work environments including robotics, PLC programming/controls, electronics, mechanical, industrial motors, and/or fluid power systems. Graduates can enter this field with starting salaries ranging between $45,000 and $65,000 annually.

Why Lanier Tech?

  • Mechatronics graduates will be able solve problems in multiple disciplines with a focus on automating processes, upgrading automation equipment, and/or maintaining electro-mechanical systems.
  • Mechatronics graduates will be able to analyze situations and recommend upgrades or process improvements.
  • Mechatronics graduates will be able to repair, maintain, or improve advanced manufacturing processes.
  • Mechatronics graduates will be able to program robots, PLCs, and/or control systems.
  • Mechatronics graduates will find a large number of unfilled jobs in the mechatronics field and/or in industrial maintenance with job growth projected to increase significantly over the next decade.

This program is available at:

  • Barrow Campus