HIMT at NGHC Plaza

Careers in health information are one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare due to the creation of more health data by providers and patients—from electronic health records to mobile phone applications to personal devices like Fitbit and insulin monitors. The demand for proper collection, analysis and storage of health information is reflected in continued strong job prospects in the United States. A degree in Health Information Management Technology leads to over 70 possible job roles currently available in healthcare today.

Why Lanier Tech?

  • One of the top 20 growing occupations in the United States
  • Diverse job opportunities
  • Integral role in healthcare by providing accurate, timely data on which medical decisions are based
  • Touchstone profession that involves all aspects of healthcare delivery
  • Emerging job roles related to healthcare data due to evolving technology

Program Overview

The Health Information Management Technology program is a sequence of courses designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to process, maintain, analyze, and report health information data according to legal, accreditation, licensure, and certification standards for reimbursement, facility planning, marketing, risk management, utilization management, quality assessment, and research.  Program graduates will develop leadership skills necessary to serve in a functional managerial role in various healthcare settings.

This program is available at:

  • Hall Campus