Engineering Technology

The Engineering Technology A.A.S. program provides graduates specializations in industrial, electrical, and/or mechanical engineering technology fields. The ET graduate will be able to enter the engineering field as a technician and/or associate engineer. The ET graduate’s primary tasks will be problem solving, trouble shooting, cost savings, increasing system efficiencies, and/or implementing technical solutions. The ET graduate will be able to enter the engineering field in one of the three specialized areas and have their course work transfer directly to a Bachelor’s degree program at a University offering BSET degrees. Graduates can enter this field with starting salaries ranging between $45,000 and $65,000 annually.

Why Lanier Tech?

  • ET graduates will be able to work in engineering related careers with a hands-on practical approach.
  • ET graduates will experience a blend of theory-based lectures and hands-on laboratory.
  • ET graduates will study topics in cutting-edge technology areas that enables them to meet the changing needs of industry.
  • ET graduates will learn about the application of engineering principles rather than mathematical derivations.
  • ET graduates will find work activities ranging from the applied and practical to the highly theoretical and abstract.
  • ET graduates will find a large number of available jobs currently open in this field with more opening over the next decade.

This program is available at:

  • Barrow Campus
  • Hall Campus