smiling male electrician working with wiring

The Electrical System Technology Program introduces the student to the OSHA requirements for a safe work site. The National Electrical Code is studied and used to learn the calculations needed to pass the Master Electrician's exam in Georgia. Methods of installing wire and conduit and mounting fixtures are covered in the electrical labs. Conduit bending and threading are covered.

Why Lanier Tech?

  • EST allows the student to learn while practicing his chosen trade in the field.
  • EST allows the student to gain experience and receive regularly scheduled pay raises and advancement.
  • ESTJob market is wide open at this time.
  • Request for EST helpers has increased.
  • Learn and advance in a trade that will give you a lifetime of work.

Program Overview

  • Electrician Helper - Journeyman Electrician - Master Electrician
  • Employment is expected to grow by 20 % from 2012 to 2022
  • A Certificate is available for Residential Wiring
  • A diploma is available for Electrical System Technology
  • A diploma is available for Technical Manager

This program is available at:

  • Dawson Campus