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The Building Automation Systems program teaches a student how electrical, mechanical, control systems, HVAC, networks, and programming are used to control a commercial building’s environment.  The BAS graduate will be able to analyze and troubleshoot problems accessing BAS SCADA systems remotely or locally.  BAS graduates are needed by commercial and government organizations to either maintain, install, sell, and/or upgrade these systems which will provide effective energy savings, comfort control for the building user, protection for data storage, and/or protection for items that need proper climate control.  Graduates can enter this field with starting salaries ranging between $45,000 and $60,000 annually.

Why Lanier Tech?

  • BAS graduates will be able to work in multiple areas such as control technician, commissioning technician, commercial HVAC technician, BAS salesperson, electrical/mechanical installer, and/or a BAS system programmer.
  • BAS graduates will participate in cost reduction, environmental improvement, workforce comfort, and data protection.
  • BAS graduates will find a large number of available jobs currently open in this field with more opening over the next decade.
  • BAS graduates can work in multiple disciplines with flexible work schedules and work environments.
  • BAS graduates can use their manual skills (installation & repair), their computer skills (networking, programming, and/or controls), and/or their interpersonal skills (sales or marketing).


This program available at:

  • Barrow Campus